Industrial Relations

Was the company’s decision to enter the tractor segment right, when KCP had already captured the market?

Part One:
True and False:
  1. Central Board of Workers Education (CBWE) was set up in 1986.
  2. The joint Departmental Councils are encouraged to hold annual meetings, a scheme which was initiated in 1970.
  3. The lockout of the pilots was lifted from 3rd November, 1974.
  4. The Employers federation of India formed in 1936.
  5. Indian Jute Mills Association (IJMA) was formed in 1887.
  6. All India Trade federation was established in 1921.
  7. In India, the foundation of modern industry was laid between 1850 and 1860.
  8. HMS stands for Hind Maha Sabha.
  9. A feature of Indian trade unionism is not the multiplicity of unions.
  10. Standing Orders may provide as to who should enquire.

Was the company’s decision

Part two:
  1. Who are ‘Blue Collor’ workers?
  2. What are the basic causes of ‘Grievances’?
  3. Write a note on ‘Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972’.
  4. Explain ‘Walker’s Model’ for worker’s participation in management.
  1. Similar problems which caused this strike in 1960 were satisfactorily resolved in the past in Bombay Electricals. Why could not the differences be settled in 1960?
  1. Inspite of high earnings by employees, why did they choose to go on strike for a relatively small difference of Rs 30/- in their demand preceding the strike?
  1. Was the company’s decision to enter the tractor segment right, when KCP had already captured the market?
  1. Had you been Abraham, how would you tackle the present situation?
  1. What is inflation? Compare its role with money and the real earning of the Industrial workers. Use appropriate data to justify your answer.
  1. How can the bargaining affect the workers as well as the firm? “It is a method of wage fixation.”

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