Indian Foreign Trade

Discus the measures announced in the Union Budget 1990 – 00 for Trade Policy Reforms?

Part One:
Q1. Which of the following is NOT an initiative for attracting a higher Quantum of FDI?
  1. Further Liberalization of Foreign Trade Policy
  2. Rationalisation of Labour Policy
  3. Development of Infrastructure
  4. Increase in Joint ventures
Q2. ECB stands for ______________________________
Q3. The textile and garment exports have been affected due to __________________
Q4. _____ is a popular export inductive scheme.
Q5. To overcome many of the problems associated with the advance licensing system this scheme was introduced
  1. Passbook Scheme
  2. EPGC Scheme
  3. Post Export Duty Exemption Scheme
  4. Duty Drawback Scheme
Q6. Which of the following is a potential Export product
  1. Automobile Products c. Agricultural Products
  2. Leather Products d. Engineering Products
Q7. To give a special trust for export of computer software which of the following scheme was developed
  1. DEPB Scheme
  2. EPCG Scheme
  3. EOU/EPI Scheme
  4. Duty Exemption scheme
Q8. It is a bilateral agreement between two countries to purchase specific amounts of each other’s products over a specified period of time
  1. Swap
  2. Switch
  3. Clearing
  4. Evidence Accounts
Q9. TRIPS stands for ____________________________
Q10. Foreign Investment Promotion Board does not consist which of the following member
  1. Secretary Minister of External Affairs
  2. Industry Secretary – Chairman
  3. Foreign Investment Minister
  4. Finance Secretary

Discus the measures announced

Part Two:
Q1. Write a short note on ‘Globalisation’?
Q2. Differentiate between Current Account Convertibility and Capital Account Convertibility?
Q3. Define ‘Deemed Exports’?
Q4. Discus the measures announced in the Union Budget 1990 – 00 for Trade Policy Reforms?
Q5. Give some suggestions to improve the Government and Public Relations?
Q6. Discuss the measures adopted by the bank for promoting its retail products?
Q7. Evaluate the impact of strategies on financial performance of the firm?
Q8. What are the major features of EXIM policy 1992 – 97?
Q9. Discuss the elements of the Capital Account?
Q10. Describe the state’s role in Export Promotion
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