Industrial Safety Management

Prepare an investigation report on the basis of above case and suggest some points for prevention.

 Multiple choices:
  1. _____________is one of the weapons in the creative armoury available to mangers.
  2. Which acid was the by-product of caustic soda manufacturing plant?
  3. Which Step cannot be taken to isolate or block energy?
  4. ____________are the outer particles of an atom they contain a negative charge.
  5. This plan should provide for the orderly and phased shutdown of an installation.
  1. MSDS stands for:-
  2. Brainstorming
  3. Hazard
  4. Phosgene
  5. Hazop
  1. Folic acid
  2. Hydrochloric acid
  3. Sulphuric acid
  4. Nitric acid
  5. Block machine parts against motion that might result from gravity.
  6. Disconnect or shutdown engines or motors that power mechanical systems.
  7. Discharge capacitors by grounding.
  8. De-energize electrical circuits by disconnecting power source from the circuit.
  9. Electric current
  10. Electricity
  11. Electron
  12. None of these
  13. Off-site emergency plan
  1. On-site emergency plan
  2. Safety Plan
  3. Health Plan
  4. Material Safety Data Sheet
  5. Medical Safety Data Sheet
  6. Material Solution Data Sheet
  7. Material Security Data Sheet
  1. The Xanthate is dissolved in dilute sodium hydroxide & the resulting solution is the viscous orange liquid known as
  2. Spinning
  3. Shredding
  4. Viscose
  5. Aging
  1. ____________is used as a temporary care measure to provide the circulation of some oxygenated blood to the brain.
  2. CPR
  3. ECC
  4. NEC
  5. CFR
  1. The SWL of a wire rope can be calculated by dividing
 Part Two
  1. Describe the safety precautions in storing gas cylinders.
  2. Write the advantages and disadvantages of „Electric Forks‟.
  3. Explain the overview of the „Employer Safety Program‟?
  4. What are the stages of „Brainstorming‟?
Case let 1
  1. What are your recommendations for prevention from these kinds of incidents?
 Case let 2
  1. Prepare an investigation report on the basis of above case and suggest some points for prevention.
  2. Describe the „Investigation Report‟ based on the “Layered Method”.
  3. Explain the method of „Occupational Safety and Health Training‟?
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