BPO Industry

Challenges related to information infrastructure and branding is a type of a KPO

Multiple Choices:
  1. Which of the following is not included in Porter’s Five Model for competitiveness?
    a. Threat of New Entrants
    b. Degree of Rivalry
    c. Bargaining Power of Suppliers
    d. Government Strategies
  2. Which of the following is not a benefit of a BPO?
    a. Cost Reduction
    b. Cross – pollination of best products
    c. Focus on core process
    d. Automatic call distributions
  3. In stage there is orderly transfer of activities to the service provider.
    a. Negotiation
    b. Ongoing Management
    c. Implementation
    d. Preparation
  4. List the Process of Outsourcing in appropriate order:
    i. Listing out available in – house resources
    ii. Signing the contract
    iii. Negotiations, including a letter of intent and usually a contract with terms & conditions
    iv. ‘Steady state’ period, which makes the end of the transitioning phase and the beginning of the cost cutting phase of the company
    a. i, iii, ii, iv
    b. i, iv, iii, ii
    c. i, ii, iii, iv
    d. I, iii, iv, ii
  5. The BPO that handles almost all the transactional and administrative processes or other several
    functions are:
    a. Comprehensive BPO
    b. Transactional BPO
    c. Niche BPO
    d. ITO
  6. The model which is preferred when the client requires that the job should be done quickly and
    a. Revenue Distance Model
    b. Global delivery Model
    c. Built – Operate – Transfer Model
    d. Blended Offshore Outsourcing Model
  7. Which of the following is not a main certifying agency for Indian BPO?
    a. IRDA
    b. KPMG
    c. DNV
    d. STQC
  8. Challenges related to information infrastructure and branding is a type of a KPO
    a. Internal Challenge
    b. Industry Challenge
    c. Customer Challenge
    d. Competitor Challenge
  9. Which of the following is not a dimension of service quality?
    a. Empathy
    b. Reliability
    c. Assurance
    d. Responsiveness
  10. COPC – 2000 is a:
    a. Quality Certificate
    b. Measurement Certificate
    c. Performance Certificate
    d. Regulatory Certificate
Part Two:
  1. Differentiate between BPO, KPO and PPO.
    2. Define the term ‘COBIT’.
    3. Write a short note on ‘Corporate Governance’.
    4. Differentiate between BPO and Call Centers.
    5. Define ‘Outsourcing’.

Challenges related to information infrastructure

  1. Discuss in detail about the solutions offered by EBay to the healthcare providers.
  2. Discuss in detail about the career opportunities with Suyash software.
    1. Explain porter’s Five Forces Model of Competition with reference to the BPO Industry in India.
  3. Discuss in detail the main challenges of BPO Industry.
    3. What are the different models of Business Process Outsourcing?

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