Business Communication

Do you agree with Saleem that “Such luxuries are for big companies, but not for us”? Why or why not?

Part One:
Q1. Improve the sentences in sense of attitude:
  1. You failed to sign your check.
  2. Your error on your tax form will result in a penalty to you.
  3. Don’t drop in without an appointment. Your counselor or caseworker may be unavailable.
  4. If you have submitted a travel request, as you claim, we have failed to receive it.
Q2. In which country children are taught to look at neck while facing somebody or listening
  1. India
  2. Korea
  3. Puerto Rican
  4. Japan
Q3. Diagonal Communication is
  1. Communication across boundaries
  2. Communication between the CEO and the managers
  3. Communication through body language
  4. Communication within a department
Q4. According to Italians the circle formed with the thumb and first finger means
  1. OK
  2. Beautiful
  3. Delicious
  4. Worthless
Q5. In china ‘white’ color indicates
  1. Peace
  2. Growth
  3. War
  4. Mourning
Q6. Kinesics is a study on body movements of an individual which includes gestures, facial configurations. This study relates to
  1. Verbal communication
  2. Non verbal communication
  3. Informal communication
  4. Formal communication
Q7. If the audience is of extrovert type then
  1. One should write a memo and let the reader think about the proposal.
  2. One should try to put the proposal more oral than writing.
  3. One should put the proposal with step by step reasoning.
  4. One should present the proposal quickly.
Part Two:
Q1. Write something about ‘Culture’ and its types.
Q2. What do understand by ‘Nonsexist language’?
Q3. Write a short note on ‘Justification report’.
Q4. What are ‘T’ letters?

Do you agree with Saleem that

Q5. Do you agree with Saleem that “Such luxuries are for big companies, but not for us”? Why or why not?
Q6. How should Kartik handle the current situation?
Q7. How do you tackle this type of situation as manager?
Q8. What leadership style of communication would you suggest in the following situation to deal the problem?
Q9. “Downward communication is like water streaming down from a waterfall or stream head. It pours easily with great force and wets a large area, while upward communication is like a small spurt of water shooting up from a fountain against the pull of gravity. The higher it travels, the more it loses its force. Elucidate.
Q10. In dynamic interpersonal aspects of communication interactive way of communication is considered to be more relevant and appropriate. Elucidate.

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