BPO and KPO Management


Which of the following is not a challenge to the BPO Industry?

Part One:
  1. Manpower can be retained by which of the following technique:
    a. Comfort and Care
    b. Problem-Solving technique
    c. Attention
    d. Proper Training
  2. Which of the following is not a challenge to the BPO Industry?
    a. Data Security
    b. Poor Infrastructure
    c. Attrition
    d. Lack of Identity
  3. Pricing technique where a customer pays a flat rate for services is:
    a. Variable Pricing
    b. Unit Pricing
    c. Fixed Pricing
    d. Risk/Reward sharing
  4. A MIS report that deals in compliance related to quality and timeliness is:
    a. Cash Tracker Report
    b. Senior Management Report
    c. SLA Compliance Report
    d. Production Report
    5. Off – Shoring means _________________________________.
  5. Size, quality, labor cost etc. are categorized into which form of ITES to be outsourced:
  6. People Attractiveness
    b. Labor Attractiveness
    c. Location Attractiveness
    d. Quality Attractiveness
  7. The risk that include errors in estimating overall time for mitigating is a:
    a. Data Security Risk
    b. Transition Risk
    c. Transactional Risk
    d. Loss of Control Risk
    8. Mitigating of Risk means __________________________________________.
    9. Which of the following is not a benefit derived from BPO?
    a. Improved Accountability
    b. Operational Cost Control
    c. Improved HR
    d. IPR Protection
  8. The service that comprises of areas related to the functional operations is:
    a. Vertical Service
    b. Horizontal Service
    c. Diagonal Service
    d. Service Focused Service
Part Two:
  1. Define the term ‘Emotional Intelligence’.
    2. Differentiate between BPO and KPO.
    3. Discuss in brief the Web – based Market Research process in the KPO’s.
    4. Write a short note on ‘Change Management’.
    5. Discuss in brief the problems faced by BPO’s.
  1. Discuss about the various training programmes offered by Intel net Global Company.
    2. Write a short note on:
    Contract Centre Operation
    Human Resource Management

Which of the following is not a challenge

  1. Discuss about the various activities performed by Hinduja TMT.
    2. Write a short note on:
    Disaster Recovery Centre
    BPO Arm in Hinduja TMT
  2. Discuss the different strategies that are adopted by the BPO’s to control their Attrition.
    2. What are the Pros and Cons of BPO?
    3. Write a note on the SWOT Analysis of Indian BPO Industry.

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