Research Methodology


What are the various methods of collecting statistical data? Explain in brief their merits and demerits.

Q1. Research is an art of _________ investigation
  1. Technological
  2. Scientific
  3. Political
  4. None of the above
Q2. Exploratory research is flexible and very ________ research
  1. Variable
  2. Visuals
  3. Versatile
  4. None of the above
Q3. Frame error, chance error and response error are collectively called
  1. Total error
  2. Non sampling error
  3. Sampling error
  4. Universal error
Q4. Hypothesis testing is sometimes called _________ analysis
  1. Exploratory data
  2. Confirmatory data
  3. Experimental data
  4. Both a) & b)
Q5. Execution of the project is a very important step in the ________ process
  1. Questions
  2. Identification
  3. Research
  4. None of the above
Q6. Thurs tone scale is also known as _________ scale
  1. Equal appearing interval
  2. Equal alternatives interval
  3. Equal alternatives item
  4. None of the above
Q7. A ratio in which the units of numerator & denominator are not the same is termed as a
  1. Class
  2. Rate
  3. Data
  4. None of the above
Q8. ANOVA stands for
  1. Analysis of automobiles
  2. Analysis of variable
  3. Analysis of variance
  4. None of the above
Q9. One tailed & two tailed test are the part of _________ test
  1. Null
  2. Hypothesis
  3. Alternative
  4. None of the above
Q10. Chi – square is an important ______ test
  1. Parametric
  2. Probability
  3. Non – parametric
  4. None the above

What are the various methods

Part Two:
Q1. What is ‘Sequential sampling’?
Q2. Write a short note on ‘nominal scale’.
Q3. Write a note on ‘Z – Test’. (One of the parametric test for hypothesis).
Q4. What are the cautions to be taken on χ2 (chi square) test?
Q5. What according to you went wrong at the Bhopal branch?
Q6. What can be done to revive the Bhopal branch?
Q7. What do you analyse as the main reason behind the success of Mind tree?
Q8. Do you think that redefining the mission statement shows the lacunae on the part of the founder members of an organization? Why?
Q9. What are the various methods of collecting statistical data? Explain in brief their merits and demerits.
Q10. What do mean by Research design. What are basic types of research design

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