Retail Management

Did the company do the right thing by extending the in-store brand to the wholesale channel?  What should it do now?

 Multiple Choices:
  1. The minimum value of Conversion ratio is,
  1. The law of retail gravitation is also called,
  1. In Huff’s probability model of retail store location, the exponential ‘alpha’ denotes,
  1. If the market has low level of retail saturation then the chances of success in the market is,
  1. If the original price be ‘a’ and the reduce price be ‘b’ then the mark down % in Pricing 
  1. 0
  1. 0.5
  1. 2
  1. 1
  1. Huff’s law.
  1. Belly’s law.
  1. Philip Kotler’s law.
  1. Relly’s law.
  1. The attractiveness of the store.
  1. Power of the store in terms of potential customer located farthest.
  1. It is simply a power over the attractiveness of the store.
  1. None.
  1. Higher.
  1. Lower.
  1. Unpredictable.
  1. Extremely lower
techniques is given by, 
  1. (a – b)/a.
  1. (a – b)/b.
  1. (b – a)/a.
  1. (b – a)/b.
 Part Two:
  1. What do mean by ‘Super market’?
  1. What do you understand by Upper and Lower threshold in pricing methodologies?
  1. What does the term ‘silent market’ say?
  1. Explain ‘Gap theory’ related with service quality.
  1. Explain barometric technique used for sales forecasting.
Case let 1
  1. Do you think that an exclusive brand retail store would work in India? Or a mix of formats for a  brand? Discuss.
  1. Will the franchisee route to a faster roll-out of retail outlets work for these jewellery brands?  What are the pros and cons?
Case let 2

Did the company do the right thing

  1. What store format mix would you recommend for the company?
  1. Did the company do the right thing by extending the in-store brand to the wholesale channel?  What should it do now?
Section C: Applied Theory (30 marks)
  1. “The Indian Retail sectors are witnessing a transition phase where organized retailing is taking a  lead over unorganized retailing”. In the light of above statement, explain the current states of  Indian Retailing.
  1. “The customer is fully satisfied when the perceived services meets or exceeds their  expectations”. Explain?

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