Project Management in Construction

Should you go with a department that has been chronically delaying when the contract has a large incentive/penalty clause for on-time delivery?

Q1. It included Manpower, material and machinery that is necessary to perform the work:
  1. Scope
  2. Quality
  3. Resources
  4. Completion time
Q2. In this analysis a project is formulated and appraised based on the estimates generated from past data, experience & analysis.
  1. Risk analysis
  2. Sensitivity analysis
  3. Probability analysis
  4. Economic analysis
Q3. It is a verbal written or on-line document that shows the up-to-date performance status of a task that has been entrusted to a responsibility/accounting centre.
  1. Trends Forecasting
  2. Reporting Performance
  3. Performance Variance Analysis
  4. Recording Performance
Q4. In this contract, the architectural and engineering design and drawings are  provided by the Employer/Client to the contractor at the time of tendering as a part of the contract documents:
  1. Build-only contracts
  2. Build-own transfer contracts
  3. Engineering Procurement
  4. Construction Contract
Q5. These arise where no ground exists either in the contract or in common law:
  1. Contractual claims
  2. Extra contractual claims
  3. Ex-gratia claims
  4. None of the above
Q6. In this case, both the parties willingly discuss the dispute and arrive at a settlement without the intervention of any third party:
  1. Conciliation through negotiations
  2. Conciliation through mediation
  3. Conciliation by setting up Dispute Review Board (DRB)
  4. Conciliation through others
Q7. The claim which is registered by giving a notice is known as:
  1. Registering claims
  2. Establishing claims
  3. Presentation claims
  4. None of the above
Q8. This term covers the entire electronic and electro-mechanical equipment used in the computerized data processing system:
  1. Hardware
  2. Software
  3. Operators
  4. Procedure
Q9. This enables the electronic transfer of a complete file from one computer to another:
  1. Internet
  2. Intranets
  3. telnet
  4. File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
Q10. It is an assurance to the owner that selected the contractor will actually proceed with the contract at the bid price:
  1. performance Bonds
  2. Bid Bonds
  3. Claim Bonds
  4. Contract Bonds
Part Two:
Q1. What are the main causes of a Project Failure?
Q2. What is Responsibility assignment Matrix (RAM) chart?
Q3. Define Professional Construction Management (PCM) approach.
Q4. Differentiate between Project Management & General Management.
Q5. Should you go with a department that has been chronically delaying when the contract has a large incentive/penalty clause for on-time delivery?
Q6. Can you risk sending out a design to a supplier when the design is to be proved?
Q7. What are the significant features of HLL’s ad campaign ‘Project Bharat’?
Q8. How has HLL identified itself with India’s Economic Development?
Q9. Who is a Project Manager? Describe the Role of a Project Manager.
Q10. What is PMIS Report? Explain the benefits of establishing PMIS.

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