Project Management in Information Technology

How would you explain the project manager? Explain the characteristics of the successful project manager?

Part One:
Multiple forms:
  1. Enterprise project management software (EPMS)‟ integrates information from a single project to show the status.(T/F)
  2. Gantt chart is used for the___________
  3. In Adaptive approach for software development the focus is on___________
    a. Time based cycles to meet the target dates
    b. No time based cycles
    c. Although time based but no target date
    d. None
  4. IEEE standard_____________ describes the contents of software project management plan.
    a. 1058 – 1997
    b. 1058 – 1998
    c. 1058 – 1999
    d. 1058 – 1996
  5. Scope creep means________
    a. The tendency for project scope to shrink
    b. The tendency for project scope to grow bigger and bigger
    c. The tendency for project scope to collapse completely
    d. None
  6. Slack or float is the amount of time an activity may be delayed without delaying succeeding activity.(T/F)
  7. „PERT‟ stands for_________
  8. „Murphy‟ law states_________
    a. If something can go wrong, it can be corrected.
    b. If something can go wrong , it will
    c. If something can no go wrong , it will
    d. None
  9. Project that use Six Sigma principles for quality control normally follows a 5 phase improvement process called DMAIC, here A stands for_______
    a. Art
    b. Analyze
    c. Allies
    d. None
  10. Fishbone diagram is also called_______
    a. Gantt diagram
    b. Murphy diagram
    c. Parkinson diagram
    d. Ishikawa diagram
Part Two:
  1. Write a note on „Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)‟.
    2. Define the Earned value?
    3. Explain the Kichoff meeting?
    4. How would you explain the Cross-Referencing requirement Matrix?

Case let 1

  1. What according to you are the factors that can hamper the profit growth related with the project?
  2. Mention some strategies to further improve the project‟s turnover.

Case let 2
  1. According to you what the skills needed for the project management of organization?
  2. How could have been the six sigma project became a helpful tool in very sophisticated kind of project management? Detailed information should form the part of your answer
(Word limit 150 to 200 words).
  1. How would you explain the project manager? Explain the characteristics of the successful project manager?
  1. Define the IT project plan? Discuss the IT project plan format in detail?

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