Customer Relationship Management

What are the key application components of Mitsubishi’s CRM system? What is the business purpose of each of them?

Multiple Choices:
Q1. High congruence means:
  1. High probability of success
  2. Low probability of success
  3. Zero probability of success
  4. None of the above
Q2. Novo Jim’s excellent resource book for Recency, Frequency and Monetary is:
  1. Drilling high
  2. Digging the top
  3. Cutting edges
  4. Drilling down
Q3. What stands for ‘R’ in FURPS?
  1. Responsibility
  2. Resource
  3. Retention
  4. Reliability
Q4. NAICS stands for:
  1. National American Industry Coding System
  2. North American Industry Cooling System
  3. National American Industry Cooling System
  4. North American Industry Coding System
Q5. The book ‘Reengineering the corporation’ was written by:
  1. Michael Hammer and James Champy
  2. Michael Champy and James Hammer
  3. Michael Douglus and James Ferrari
  4. Michael Ferrari and James Douglus
Q6. The book ‘Building the Data warehouse’ was written by:
  1. Michael Doglus
  2. James Champy
  3. Bill Inmon
  4. James Ferrari
Q7. Which is considered as the bible of database marketing?
  1. ‘Drilling High’
  2. ‘Building the Data warehouse’
  3. ‘The complete database marketer’
  4. ‘Drilling down’
Q8. CASE stands for:
  1. Customer Aided Software Engineering
  2. Computer Aided Software Engineering
  3. Customer Aided System Engineering
  4. Computer Aided System Engineering

What are the key application components

Q9. What stands for ‘B’ in BBB?
  1. Bail
  2. Buffer
  3. Bureau
  4. Block
Q10. If high quality is one of the attribute then:
  1. It will be suicidal to ship products with high DOA
  2. It will be beneficial to ship products with high DOA
  3. It will be suicidal to ship products with low DOA
  4. It will be beneficial to ship products with low DOA
Part Two:
Q1. Why e- CRM is important in present life?
Q2. Describe the 3 phases of ‘Waterfall Model’.
Q3. Write the significance of ‘N/13 Test’ prioritization.
Q4. What is ‘Life time value’ related with customer?
Q5. What are ‘Warehouse data(s)’?
Q6. In what way would multi-skilling help in solving the problems of the plant?
Q7. Do you think that the company’s policy of entering into term settlement is appropriate? Give reasons.
Q8. What are the key application components of Mitsubishi’s CRM system? What is the business purpose of each of them?
Q9. Do you approve of Mitsubishi’s approach to acquiring and installing its CRM system? Why or why not?
Q10. If all the numbers are large, the project way is too big. Can you identify a logical chunk of the problem that would make a setup toward improving the situation? What kind of “offer” would you want to make to your customers as a result of completing the small chunk?
Q11. Who can you get for the program core team? These must be individuals who are good enough at their real jobs that the company can’t afford to have them take on anything new. The real test of serious organizational commitment is that the company can’t afford to put anyone else on the core team; it has to be the best.

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