Database Management Systems

What is deadlock? How is a deadlock detected? Enumerate the method for recovery from the deadlock.

Multiple choices:
  1. The normal language of database is:
  2. PHP
  3. SQL
  4. C++
  5. Java
  1. DDL, a database system language:
  2. Creates table
  3. Manipulates table
  4. Cannot work with table
  5. None
  1. Symbol for one to one relationship is………………………………………………………
  1. HDBMS stands for:
  2. Hello DBMS
  3. Hierarchical DBMS
  4. Hyper DBMS
  5. High DBMS
  1. In Anti joining of R►S means ……………………………………………………………
Part Two:
  1. What are “Foreign Keys”?
  2. Differentiate between ‘DBMS’ and ‘RDBMS’.
  3. Write the syntax to insert charts into a table from another table.
  4. What are ‘Armstrong’s Axioms’?
  1. Elaborate the testing of Serializability techniques with example.
  2. Explain the working of lock manager.
  3. What is deadlock? How is a deadlock detected? Enumerate the method for recovery from the deadlock.
  4. Explain why a transaction execution should be atomic. Explain ACID properties, considering the
following transaction.
Ti: read (A);
A : = A- 50;
Write (A);
Read (B);
B : = B + 50;

What is deadlock? How is a deadlock detected

Write (B)
  1. The HR manager has decided to raise the salary for all the employees in department number 30 by 0.25. Whenever any such raise is given to the EMPLOYEES, a record for the same is maintained in the EMP-RAISE table. It includes the employee number, the date when the raise was given and the actual raise. Write a PL/SQL block to update the salary of each employee and insert a record in the EMP-RAISE table.
  1. Retrieve the salesman name in ‘New Delhi’ whose efforts have resulted into at least one sales transaction.

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