Integrated Marketing Communications

You have been assigned a role to market a deodorant by a well known company. How will you use and improve your personal selling skills to increase the market share of this brand

1) You are about to launch a product (you can select a product of your choice) in India. Using the customer-controlled market concept how will you ensure the success of that product? (10 Marks)
2) You have been assigned a role to market a deodorant by a well known company. How will you use and improve your personal selling skills to increase the market share of this brand? (10 Marks)
3) Case Study
Its not Tesla that scares Europe in electric-car race.
Electric car production in the European Union got a spur on Wednesday as EU regulators acted to close a technological gap with China by seeking stricter emission curbs on manufacturers such as Volkswagen and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.
The European commission, the EU’s regulatory arm, proposed a 30 percent reduction in car discharges of carbon dioxide by 2030 compared with 2021 levels, as part of a steeped-up ight against global warming. The plan which will progressive tighten existing CO2 limits, features incentives or automakers to shift to electric vehicles.
There’s a component of trying to facilitate the development of a powerful car-manufacturing industry of electric vehicles. Miguel Arias Canete, EU climate and energy commissioner, said in an interview in his Brussels office.
There will be a race for developing lean-energy vehicles. We are seeing that the others are taking a global lead. Europe is gearing up for a technological revolution in road transport that would push the traditional internal combustion engine from showrooms into museums in a bid to retain leadership in the worldwide market of passenger cars.
The combustion is taking advantage of the landmark climate-protection agreement reached by almost 200 countries in Paris in late 2015 to get a grip on the European road-transportation pollution, which has bucked a general trend of falling EU discharges of greenhouse gases including CO2 that are blamed for climate change. Under the Paris accord, the EU aims to slash such pollution at least 40 percent by 2030.

You have been assigned a role to market

As China expands its electric-vehicle prowess with the blunt policy of quotas, Europe is counting on a more nuanced approach that would force carmakers to choose between making the combustion engine cleaner or abandoning it in favour of electric vehicles.
The production of Tesla cars in 2016 was around 80,000 cars, Canate said. The big problem is China which has mandatory target of 10 percent in 2019, 12 percent in 2020 and 7.5 million vehicles per year in the future. The Chinese market already boasts 400 types of electric vehicles, whereas Europe has six, according to Canate. India meanwhile aims for all new passenger cars sold by 2030 to be electric. There is a huge gap between European Union, which invented the car, and developing countries, Canete said.
  1. If India develops the Electric car and by 2030 all cars sold will be electric which media do you think is suitable to advertise from the Integrated marketing communication perspective? How would you plan to launch the car? (5 Marks)
  1. What do you think the future of this industry will be? How can one leverage and grow the market share of electric vehicles? (5 Marks)

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