Data Warehousing & Data Mining

Write an essay on using data mining in the area of marketing and sales

  1. Explain how intelligently analyzed data is a valuable resource that can lead to new insights, and, in commercial settings, to competitive advantages.
  2. Explain  by Classification rules, association rules and “predict” any of the attributes of data mining, not just a specified class and then predict more than one thing by suitable example.(The Weather Problem)
  3. What is Web Mining? How Search engines use Page Rank(among other things) to sort web pages into order before displaying the results of your search.
  4. Write an essay on  using data mining in the area of marketing and sales.
  5. Explain Organizational matters for efficient working of a stores division in an engineering firm.
  6. Explain how materials are handled under discrepancy, is to be properly marked and stored until it is dispatched to the supplier for replacement or is inspected by the surveyor of the Insurance Company.
Data Warehousing & Data Mining (Part -2)
  1. What are the main areas of criticism of Stores Division? Explain.
  2. Performance Indicators (PI) can be developed for the various domains Explain.
  3. The ISO 9000 set of guidelines is for customers/buyers and suppliers to select an       appropriate quality assurance model as relevant to a particular contractual   relationship. ISO 9004 provides the set of guidelines to develop and implement       the quality management system. Explain.
  4. Explain the important factors of a Stores Division as one of the most important     divisions serving the needs of all the departments and influencing the efficiency         and productivity of any industry.
  5. Explain simple data mining applications with examples.
  6. Explain the technology of Machine learning as a burgeoning new technology or        mining      knowledge from data,

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