Quality Systems Management

Write a descriptive note on Environment Management System

  1. Explain the concept and control variables, attributes of statistical Quality Control.
  2. Explain the relationship between process capability and specification limits.
  3. Write a descriptive account on the characteristics of a good acceptance plan.
  4. Explain the Quality Policy dimensions related to quality of products.
  5. Write an essay on Quality Characteristics.
  6. Explain variation due to chance causes and assignable causes.
Quality Systems Management (Part – 2)
  1. Write a descriptive note on Environment Management System.
  2. What are the pre-requisites for implementing ISO 9000 Quality Systems?
  3. Explain the influencing and importance factors for successful functioning of Quality Circles.
  4. Write an essay on Software Quality Assurance.
  5. What are Quality Management Principles? Explain.
  6. Write a detailed account on Quality Management Systems for Education and Training.

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