The issues involved in the case are Sales Forecasting, Strategic Sourcing, Selection of Warehousing Service Provider Transportation Mode and other nuances

  • Give a critical analysis of the privatization of telecom sector in India.?
  • Highlight the secrets of success of Alpha Telnet Ltd. in terms of technological advancements and service provided?
  • Comment on the upstream and downstream supply chain portions operating in the company.
  • How far are the plans to improve the supply chain efficiency in the company feasible?
  • “Internal supply chain at the company can be characterized by the lack of it”. Comment.
  • What made SCL a leader in the logistics industry?
  • Discuss the strategies adopted by SCL for its survival in the competitive scenario.
  • Comment on the contributions of SCL to society.
  • What steps the company should take to globalize its network reach?
  • Discuss the strategies adopted by SCL for expansion.
  • Analyze the case in view of the logistics outsourcing practices of the ISL.
  • Discuss the importance of logistics outsourcing with reference to supply chain management.
  • Suggest strategies for further strengthening the supply chain of ISL.
  • The participants/students are expected to have a clear understanding of Supply Chain and Logistics Management concepts.
  • The issues involved in the case are Sales Forecasting, Strategic Sourcing, Selection of Warehousing Service Provider, Transportation Mode and other nuances in Logistics Management.

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