Suppose a regional medical warehouse is to be established to serve several hospitals

1. Pick a company that you are familiar with and describe its operations strategy and how it relates to winning customers. Describe the specific activities used by the company that support the strategy.
2. A manufacturer expects to produce 3, 00, 000 widgets during the current year, to supply a demand that is uniform throughout the year. The set up cost for each production run of widgets is Rs. 124 and the variable cost of producing each widget is Rs. 4. The cost of carrying one widget in inventory is Rs. 25 per year. After a batch of widgets is produced and placed in inventory, it is sold at a uniform rate and inventory is exhausted when the next batch of widgets is completed. Determine the optimum quantity of widgets to be produced in each run in order to minimize the total production and inventory carrying costs.
3. Suppose a regional medical warehouse is to be established to serve several hospitals throughout the country. The supplies originate at S1 and S2 and are destined for hospitals at H1 through H4. Refer to the following data:
POINT i   LOCATION       ANNUAL VOLUME, CWT           RATE-$/CWT/MILE  Xi        Yi
S1              SEATTLE          8000                   0.02                     0.6          7.3
S2             ATLANTA         10000                 0.02                     8.6          3
H1             LOS ANGELES                             5000                    0.05        2          3
H2            DALLAS            3000                   0.05                     5.5           2.4
H3            CHICAGO         4000                   0.05                     7.9           5.5
H4            NEW YORK      6000                   0.05                     10.6        5.2
a) Briefly explain the principles of Center of Gravity Method for location decisions.
b) For the above problem, determine the optimum location for the regional medical warehouse using the COG Model.

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