Select an event organizer and carry out the entire analysis for that company in the form of a case study

  1. Study a mega Event that you have enjoyed and chart out the pre, during and post-event activities. Also study in detail the Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Leading and Controlling functions involved in the effort.
  1. Select a Family event and study the costing aspects involved in organizing it. Break up the costs into relevant categories, analyze the cash flow, note down in detail the negotiations with suppliers and finally carry out a variance analysis of the actual cost vis-à-vis the budget.
  1. Redesign the above event into a commercial idea and look at it from an event organiser’s perspective. Carry out the pricing based on the clientele that you intend to attract, the target audience and how you intend to attract them, whether the event would be a fully ticketed or invited show, what would the audience size be, and finally, how much margin would you like to retain.
  1. Look up today’s newspaper and identify any five events that interest you. Carry out a research for finding out the following information:
  1. Who are the event organizers?
  2. For whom are the events being organized i.e. who are the event organizer’s clients?
  3. Who are the target audience for each event?
  4. What is the event infrastructure involved?
  5. Where are the events being held i.e. identify the venues. Also analyse why these specific venues were chosen?
  6. What is the networking mix on the media front?
  7. Analyze and list down as many reasons that you can identify as to why the clients are using events?
  1. A tyre manufacturer approaches an event management company as a client and is looking to sponsor a sports event with the objective of market development with a positive brand identity and association with popular sportsmen and women so as to project a youthful image among both male and female target audience. Create a Popularity Share Matrix for the different types of sports such as Soccer, Cricket, Basketball, Table Tennis etc. that might interest the client and recommend
  1. A particular sport that the client should consider sponsoring.
  2. A particular event in the chosen sport.
  3. The risk level appropriate for the clients.
  4. Chart out the event’s objectives and strategies.
  1. Identify a favourite event that you have attended or know about, break it down into 5 C’s of events. Identify 5 major clients you would like to resell the above event to and then redesign this event tailored to the needs of these prospective clients.
  1. Select an event, taking into consideration the Frito-Lay Test Marketing Example and establish the key elements of such an event, both at micro level and at the integrated level.
  1. Identify an event that you like, that is being broadcast live on TV while being performed in front of a live audience. Identify the sponsors and do some research on them to find out about their products or services, financial health, life cycle stage etc. Follow the event carefully for pre and post event promotion activity. Attend the event and observe the positioning of the sponsors boards. Interact with the event managers to find out the cost of advertising during the event and what other costs that the sponsors have borne to make a success of their association.

Select an event organizer

  1. Select an event organizer and carry out the entire analysis for that company in the form of a case study. Chart out the various matrices given above and recommend steps that would help the company under observation to grow exponentially.
  1. Select any local event that is yet to happen. Try to understand the clientele that might be attracted to sponsor such an event. Understand the networking elements and finally, call or visit any one of the sponsors to find out exactly what was expected out of the event and what defined a successful event for the sponsor, how was the evaluation carried out and what was the result?

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