Event Management

The role of public Relations is to manage the organization and the event‟s image in the mind of the audience & the public. Justify the statement.

Multiple Choices:
Q1. Which one of the following is the second element of the promotional strategy?
  1. Image
  2. Branding
  3. Advertising
  4. Publicity
Q2. Most event budgets include a ________ for unexpected expenses.
  1. Management Fees
  2. Contingencies
  3. Break Even Point
  4. Cash Flow Analysis
Q3. This statement is a list of an organization’s revenue, expenditure, and the net profit (or net loss) for a specific period.
  1. P&L Statement
  2. Balance
  3. Control System
  4. None
Q4. This risk includes disputes over contracts between the event organizer & the client and/ or between the event organizer & a subcontractor.
  1. Financial Risk
  2. Legal Risk
  3. Safety & Security
  4. Technology-Related Risks
Q5. It is an important risk control process, and it is essential that every member of the event team is familiar with this process.
  1. Incident Reporting
  2. Emergency Response Plans
  3. Standards for Risk Management
  4. None
Q6. A _________ chart is generally used in the early planning days and in the lead-up to an event.
  1. Gantt chart
  2. Organization chart
  3. Pie- chart
  4. Z-chart
Q7. It is the set of traditional practices that have long been accepted & used when dealing with & meeting with others.
  1. Rules
  2. Regulation
  3. Protocols
  4. Norms
Q8. This incorporates all projected images, such as replays of sporting highlights on large screens or scoreboards.
  1. Sound
  2. Vision
  3. Layout
  4. Decor
Q9. This is that period of group development during which members grow used to one another and tentatively formulate goals & behaviors that are acceptable.
  1. Forming
  2. Storming
  3. Norming
  4. Performing
Q10. It is about getting things organized, getting things (and people) in the right place & tearing everything down.
  1. Time Management
  2. Logistics
  3. Policies
  4. Procedures
Part Two:
Q1. What do you understand by the term „Incident Reporting‟?
Q2. Define the concept of Crowd Management‟.
Q3. Who is an Event Manager & what are the Tasks of the Event Manager?
Q4. What are the developing Recognition strategies?
Q5. What were the three complications?
Q6. How could these problems have been avoided?
Q7. List the types of events affected by weather.

The role of public Relations

Q8. What are the some general suggestions for avoiding weather problems?
Q9. What are some of the safety risks associated with this event?
Q10. Who is responsible for the safety of the venue and the audience?
Q11. How could the risks be reduced?
Q12. What sorts of contingency plans could be developed?
Q13. The role of public Relations is to manage the organization and the event‟s image in the mind of the audience & the public. Justify the statement.
Q14. Establish the major aims & objectives of the event.
Q15. State the major consideration for selecting an event venue.

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