Principles and Practice of Management

If you were the professor and you knew what was going through Vincent’s mind, what would you say to Vincent?

Q1. A plan is a trap laid to capture the ________.
  1. a) Future
  2. b) Past
  3. c) Policy
  4. d) Procedure
Q2. It is the function of employing suitable person for the enterprise
  1. a) Organizing
  2. b) Staffing
  3. c) Directing
  4. d) Controlling
Q3. ___________ means “ group of activities & employees into departments”
  1. a) Orientation
  2. b) Standardization
  3. c) Process
  4. d) Departmentation
Q4. This theory states that authority is the power that is accepted by others
  1. a) Acceptance theory
  2. b) Competence theory
  3. c) Formal authority theory
  4. d) Informal authority theory
Q5. It means dispersal of decision-making power to the lower levels of the organization
  1. a) Decentralization
  2. b) Centralization
  3. c) Dispersion
  4. d) Delegation
Q6. This chart is the basic document of the organizational structure
  1. a) Functional chart
  2. b) Posts chart
  3. c) Master chart
  4. d) Departmental chart
Q7. Communication which flow from the superiors to subordinates with the help of scalar chain is known as
  1. a) Informal communication
  2. b) Downward communication
  3. c) Upward communication
  4. d) Oral communication
Q8. Needs for belongingness, friendship, love, affection, attention & social acceptance are
  1. a) Physiological needs
  2. b) Safety needs
  3. c) Ego needs
  4. d) Social needs
Q9. A management function which ensures “jobs to be filled with the right people, with the right knowledge, skill & attitude”
  1. a) Staffing defined
  2. b) Job analysis
  3. c) Manpower planning
  4. d) Recruitment
Q10. It is a process that enables a person to sort out issues and reach to a decisions affecting their life
  1. a) Selection
  2. b) Raining
  3. c) Reward
  4. d) Counseling
Part Two:
Q1. Differentiate between ‘Administration’ and ‘Management’.
Q2. What were the common drawbacks in classical and Neo classical theories of management?
Q3. Write a short note on “Line Organization.”
Q4. Write a short note on ‘Acceptance theory’.
Case let 1
Q1. Critically analyze Mr. Vincent’s reasoning.
Q2. If you were the professor and you knew what was going through Vincent’s mind, what would you say to Vincent?
Case let 2
Q1. Diagnose the problem and enumerate the reasons for the failure of D’Cuhna?
Q2. What could D’Cuhna have done to avoid the situation in which he found himself?
Section C: Applied Theory (30 marks)
Q1. What is Training? Explain the different methods of training?
Q2. Explain Decision-Making process of an organization?

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