Principles and Practices of Management

What are the principles of an organization Explain its elements nature dynamics and types

  1. Explain the different activity levels of Management.
  2. Explain the different steps in Planning.
  3. Discuss the classical principles of good Management.
  4. Explain Manpower Planning Process.
  5. Describe the guiding principles of Directive functions.
  6. Explain the role and significance of Communication.
Principles and Practices of Management
  1. Management is what Management does. Justify the statement and explain.
  2. Explain the Principles of Management.
  3. Describe the techniques of effective coordination.
  4. Explain an ideal planning period depending upon commitment principle.
  5. Explain the features of an open door organization.
  6. Explain the different approaches to leadership and its role in management.
Principles and Practices of Management
  1. Management is a process for the utilization of growth inputs. Explain.
  2. Examine the different dimensions of planning with respect to planning features, its importance, strategies and policies.
  3. What are the principles of an organization? Explain its elements, nature, dynamics and types.
  4. Write an essay on Organizational Grouping and Departmentation.
  5. Explain the fundamentals of staffing, manpower requirement, recruitment, selection and training methods.
  6. What are the specific principles of directing that guide the functioning of the directing authority?
Principles and Practices of Management
  1. Explain the concepts of Motivation.
  2. Explain Control System and its process.
  3. Why is Performance Appraisal Important? Explain.
  4. Describe the fundamentals of Staffing, Manpower and its process.
  5. Explain the methods of Departmentation.
  6. Write a descriptive account on management process and coordination.


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