A new LEC is added to an ATM LAN containing other LECs, LES, LECS, a BUS, and a ATM switch. Starting from the initial conditions, six steps are required to make the

The Engineering Department to twelve persons in a small corporation is on a regular 10 Base-T Ethernet Lan hub with 16 ports. The busy group started complaining because of the slow network performance. The network was operating at 50% utilization, whereas 30% utilization is acceptable. If you are the corporation’s Information Technology Engineer and have to resolve the problem technically,
a.  Describe four choices for resolving the problem, maintaining the LAN as an Ethernet LAN.
  1. State the advantages and disadvantages of each approach.
  1. Two virtual LANs, belonging to NM lab, and belonging to Networking lab, each have three workstations. The former has workstations, and the latter They are connected to a switched hub on ports 2 through 7. the NICs (network interface cards) associated with ports are made by Cabletron and their MAC addresses start with the vendor’s global prefix 00-00-1D (hexadecimal notation) and end with 11,12,13,21,22, and 23 (same as the fourth decimal position of IP addresses).
  2. Create a conceptual matrix table, as shown below, that would be 
          generated by the hub that relates the IP address, MAC address,
          and port number.
4.                  IP Address
5.                  MAC Address
6.                  Port Number

A new LEC is added to an ATM

  1. The workstation 23 is moved from networking lab to NM lab.
                   The appropriate parameter changes in the hub and the workstation.
  1. Design a client/server network with two servers operating at 100Base-T Fast Ethernet speed and the clients operating at regular 10Base-T Ethernet speed using a 10/100 Mbps NIC. The hub is located in a wiring closet, but the servers and clients are not. Assume that a satisfactory performance is achieved at 30% utilization of the LAN.
  1. Customer network management is used to look at the QoS classes associated with VCIs across an ATM link interface. What three MIB group and objects are used to collect the information? Describe the relationships among them.
  1. A new LEC is added to an ATM LAN containing other LECs, LES, LECS, a BUS, and a ATM switch. Starting from the initial conditions, six steps (or phases) are required to make the new LEC part of the ELAN network: (1) LEC connection, (2) configurations, (3) join, (4) initial registration, (5) BUS connection, and (6) operation. Describe these steps.
  1. Switched virtual circuit transmission overhead could be high for sending small amounts of information. Calculate the minimum time required to transmit one ATM cell from Miami to San Francisco on a basic SONET network (OC-3) for the following cases. Assume that the distance is 4500 km and that the propagation speed is 300 meters per microsecond.
  2. datagram service
  3. switched virtual circuit service
  4.    permanent virtual circuit service
  1. A network manager discovers that a network component is performing poorly and issues on order to the technician to replace it. Which MIB group contains this information for the technician to find out the physical location of the component?
  1. An IT manager gets complaints from the users that there is excessive delay in response over the Ethernet LAN. The manager suspects the cause of the problem is excessive collisions on the LAN. She gathers statistics on the collisions using the dot3Stats Table and localizes the problem to a single faulty interface card. Explain how she localized the problem. You may use RFC 2358 to answer this exercise.

A new LEC is added to an ATM

  1. You have been assigned the responsibility of adding a new vendor’s components with its own NMS to an existing network managed by a different NMS. Identify the three sets of functions that you need to do to fulfill your task.
  1. In a ballroom dance class, the instructor asks the guests to form couples made up of a male and a female order (order does not matter) for a dance. Write an ASN.1 module for dance Group with data type Dance Group that is composed of data type couple; couple is constructed using male and female.
  1. A high school class consists of four boys and four girls. The names of the boys with their heights are Adam (65”), Chang (63”), Eduardo (72”), and Gopal (62”). The names of the girls are Beth (68”), Dipa (59”), Faye (61”), and Keisha (64”). For each of the following cases, write an ASN.1 description for the structure and record values by selecting appropriate data types. Start with data type Student info, listing information on each student.

A new LEC is added to an ATM

  1. You are asked to do a study of the use pattern of 24,000 workstations in an academic institution. Make the following assumptions. You ping each station periodically. The message size in both directions is 128 bytes long. The NMS that you using to do the study is on a 10-Mbps LAN, which functions at 30 percent efficiency. What would be the frequency of your ping if you were not to exceed 5 percent overhead?
  1. Imagine that you are working for a company (maybe you are) that has decided to move from an SNMP-based to a Web-based management system. You are asked to prepare an executive summary on the two approaches, WBEM and JMX, and make a recommendation. Present your report, which is not to exceed two pages (executives don’t have the time or patience to read longer reports).


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A new LEC is added to an ATM

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