How much consideration should be given to Mr Anjaiah’s poor work record Should Mr Ramoji Rao check to verify it How important is a command of English to the job

  • (a) Did Bhatt make a personally rational decision?
  • (b) Did he make an organizationally rational decision?
  • (a) Discuss the nature of problems involved in this case.
  • (b) What kind of perception was formed by Khempal about the role of MIS manager? What could have been the probable reasons for this
  • (c) Advise Narayanan about how he should proceed
  • (d) What methods should the chief executive adopt to overcome the problem?
  • (a) How much consideration should be given to Mr Anjaiah’s poor work record? Should Mr Ramoji Rao check to verify it?
  • (b) How important is a command of English to the job? How quickly could Mr Nehal Singh learn enough English to be effective?
  • (c) Should Mr Nehal Singh be passed over because of his status as a recent migrant?
  • (d) Should Mr Raja get he job? Should his excellent character references be given more weight than his inexperience?
  • (e) Who should be hired? Why?
  1. In what respect is Jain correct in his comment about not having opportunity to apply motivational concept in his job situation?
  2. What types of motivators for effective performance may Jain be overlooking?
  3. What do you think about his concern that the application of motivational concepts leads to the manipulation of people?
  4. Identify the leadership style of the division head from the angle of Managerial Grid
  5. From the viewpoint of Theory X and Y, what assumptions did the new head make about the way in which people work most effectively?

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