Kaya & Kaya is a skincare product manufacturing company

  1. Kaya & Kaya is a skincare product manufacturing company. The company has been in the market from past 10 years and it’s been noted that because of the change in size, growth, work assignments, job duties and responsibilities the existing jobs have changed and new jobs have been established. You have been hired as a consultant to help determine the various ways of establishing job analysis. Discuss the different method of job analysis which could be used in this company. Conclude by choosing the best method of job analysis for Kaya & Kaya.
  1. Assessment centres were first used in early 1940s in United Kingdom for solving discipline and behavioural issues of war officers and selecting the right candidate. Now, assessment centres have become a must tool for most of the organisations .Critically analyse this statement as well as discuss that in which two areas of HRM assessment centres can be used? Conclude by gauging the importance of assessment centres.
  1. Sanjana joined a media company Showtimes Ltd. as Public Relationship officer. On the very day of her joining the office she is assigned a lot of tasks, which made her feel very nervous and confused. Since it’s the first day of her work Sanjana has lots of query but does not have any coach/ mentor/buddy who she can look up to for any help. For every single query she has to approach the HR who every time assigns a different person to guide her. This continues for every single day. Within a month of joining Sanjana is contemplating to resign from her services. It was then noted by the HR that the employee turnover in their organisation is very high especially within the few months of joining. It also came up that the main reason behind this was lack of Induction to employees
  1. What could HR have done when Sanjana kept on approaching them for every single query she encountered during her first month in Showtimes Ltd?
  1. You have been hired by Showbiz ltd. as a consultant to come up with induction strategy as it has been proved that if not inducted properly the attrition rates can be very high. Discuss the merits of Induction in general as well as for Showbiz Ltd which you need to present in front of the management.
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