Total Quality Management

How would you apply the Phillips India policy to help other electronics companies in India to implement TQM?

Q1. If the amount of energy available for the intended function be ‘a’ and the amount of energy wasted be ‘b’ then Signal to noise ratio will be:
  1. a/b
  1. (a-b)/b
  1. b/a
  1. (a+b)/b
Q2. The number of orthogonal arrays added by Taguchi to the original work of Sir R A Fischer, was:
  1. 3
  1. 2
  1. 1
  1. 4
Q3. If the α for each t test be 0.2 then for 4 ‘t’ tests the probability of a correct decision will be:
  1. 0.0008
  1. 0.0016
  1. 0.0002
  1. None of the above
Q4. This is not a rapid prototype technique.
  1. Stereo lithography
  1. Solid ground curing
  1. Solid ground searching
  1. None of the above
Q5. The multiplication of importance of customer, scale up facture and sales point is called:
  1. Relative weight
  1. Absolute weight
  1. Weight of scale
  1. Weight of sales
Q6. In documentation Pyramid all documentation moves from one level to next in:
  1. Ascending order
  1. Descending order
  1. One down one up fashion
  1. Two down one up fashion
Q7. The quality system other than ISO 9000 is:
  1. PS 9000
  1. CS 9000
  1. AS 9000
  1. LS 9000
Q8. In the 5 S methodology for workplace organization, ‘Seiton’ stands for:
  1. Proper arrangement
  1. Orderliness
  1. Personal cleanliness
  1. Discipline
Q9. The basic plan-do-study-act (PDSA) cycle was first developed by:
  1. Deming
  1. Shewhart
  1. Juran
  1. Fleming.
Q10. One of the best approach having three components, can be used for process improvement, is:
  1. Loran trilogy
  1. Turan trilogy
  1. Sudan triology
  1. Juran triology
Part Two:
Q1. Write a note on ‘Kano model’ of customer requirement.
Q2. Define Herzberg’s two factor theory.
Q3. Write a note on Pareto analysis.
Q4. What do understand by Benchmarking?
Q5. Define “Degree of freedom”.
Q6. Discuss the various labour troubles which compelled the company management and its Dutch parents to decide to wind up the Calcutta plant. What were the problems?
Q7. How would you apply the Phillips India policy to help other electronics companies in India to implement TQM?
Q8. What is the Top initiative in Siemens AG? Discuss it various aspects.
Q9. What are the Top eight initiatives for innovation in Siemens AG? Evaluate their impact on quality and TQM.
Q10. Mechanical products such as cars do break down. Cars often are serviced by the car dealer. How can a car dealer use the service department to enhance future car sales?
Q11. Using trade journals, professional society magazines, periodicals, and your networking ability, identify two examples of quality by design success stories and explain their results.

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