Business Operation Management

 How would forecasting be useful for operations in a BPO Business processes outsourcing unit What factors may be important for this industry Discuss

  1. Read through the literature and find out what ‘Technology Assessment’ is? How is it useful to business operations management?
  1. What is organizational learning? Is it important for quality? Discuss.
  1. How would forecasting be useful for operations in a BPO (Business processes outsourcing) unit?  What factors may be important for this industry?  Discuss.
  1.  A good work study should be followed by good supervision for getting good results.  Explain with an example.
  1. Should cost be the primary criterion in business operations planning? Explain.
  1. What role for production and operations management do you foresee in another 15-20 years time in India?
  1. What is job evaluation?  Can it be alternatively used as job ranking?  How does one ensure that job evaluation evaluates the job and not the man?  Explain with examples?
  1. What is the impact of technology on jobs?  What are the similarities between job enlargement & job rotation?  Discuss the importance of training in the content of job redesign ?  Explain with examples?
  1. Would a project management organization be different from an organization for regular manufacturing in what ways?  Examples.
  1. How project evaluation different from project appraisal? Explain with examples.
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