Give your elaborate comments on the findings, it’s interpretation and you suggestions for improved method or alternative method

CASE 1 :
  1. I) which maintenance arrangement is preferable; ii) the current break down maintenance policy or a preventive service contact; iii) Please give elaborate reasons for your comments on this case. (25 Marks)
CASE 2 :
1) In this case, you are required to find expected value of elapsed time (in month), i.e. the internal between two success five break downs in months.
2) Expected no. of break downs per machine per year.
3) Total number of expected break downs for 20 machines per year.
4) Cost of servicing the driven down machine per year.
5) Give your elaborate comments on the findings, it’s interpretation and you suggestions for improved method or alternative method. (25 Marks)
CASE 3 :
1) What is the link between reliability and maintenance, please elaborate.
2) List the aspects of from producers point of view.
3) What are the risks of poor reliability borne by the consumer?
4) What are the needs for Total Productive Maintenance?
5) What do you mean by Reliability Engineering and Reliability Quantification?
6) How `Failure Rate’ is computed. (30 Marks)


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