Financial Management

 Explicit cost and implicit cost. Earning per share. Profitability index.

1) Section – A is Compulsory.
2) Attempt any Three questions from Section – B.
Section – A
  1. a) Economic value added.
  2. b) Finance and accounting.
  3. c) Historical cost and future cost.
  4. d) Explicit cost and implicit cost.
  5. e) Earning per share.
  6. f) Profitability index.
  7. g) Capital gearing.
  8. h) Capital rationing.
  9. i) Cash flows vs. Accounting profit.
  10. j) Marginal cost of capital.
 Section – B
 Q2)    What is the meaning and scope of financial management? Comment on the emerging role of finance Manager in India.
Q3)     What are the various capital budgeting practices being adopted in India?
Q4)     Discuss the modern techniques to evaluate capital budgeting decision.
Q5)     Give a critical appraisal of the Modigliani-Millers approach to capital structure.

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