Explain to Vasanti the purpose of the Balanced Score Card

Q1) Radha is a First Time Manager and has recently joined Aakash Industries which is a motor manufacturing company. In her earlier company there was no performance management process. Radha is not entirely sure of the relevance of Performance Management and its need. Assume you are coaching Radha. How will you convince her on the need for Performance Management and on the objectives of the same.
Q2) Shyam is the HR Manager of Nashikant Technologies. The company employees over 500 software professionals. Employees have to constantly collaborate and work across different geographies. There are sometimes constant friction between employees. Shyam is thinking of setting up a coaching and mentoring program. How should Shyam go about setting up a coaching and mentoring program?
Q 3) Big Bag Industries is in the retail business focusing primarily on apparels (men, women and children) The company has been in existence since 2012. The company is in the process of exploring introduction of the Balanced Score Card. Vasanti, the HR Head at Big Bag Industries is leading this exercise.
  1. a) How should Vasanti go about the process of building a Balanced Score Card?
  1. b) Explain to Vasanti the purpose of the Balanced Score Card.

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