Explain system development life cycle.

Section – A (Marks – 45)
Attempt any three questions
1- What do you understand by MIS? What are the various reason of success and failure of MIS in an organization?
2- What do you understand by software specification? Explain various methodologies related to by software specification
3- Explain decision support system in details with the characteristics of control process.
4- Explain the role of user in developing an information system for decision making. Does this exercise give rise to its classification?
5- Explain the various methods uses for designing structured program.
Section – B (Marks – 35)
Attempt any five questions –
1- Can MIS be helpful in information organizations? Explain
2- How can a DSS make decision? How DSS differ from MIS?
3- Explain in details the strategies adopted for testing securities.
4- What are the objective of verification and validation? Where exactly verification and validation occur in software life cycle.
5- Explain “Trace of evolution of information system”
6- Give a detail description of information system architecture.
Section – C (Marks – 20)
Attempt any two questions –
1- Write a detail notes on software reliability.
2- Explain the concept of DSS and CS.
3- Explain system development life cycle.

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