Quality Management

Explain five benefits that could be realized by implementing an ISO 9000 quality system

  1. Working as an individual, evaluate one or more of the following organizations concerning the role of the senior managers.
  2. Large Bank
  3. Health-care facility
  4. University academic department
  5. Large department store
  6. Manufacturing facility
  7. Is the main concern of most consumers the price of the product or service? Explain
  8. List and explain in detail various techniques to sustain continuous improvement.
  9. You have been employed as a quality assurance manager for a small metal fabrication firm (100 people). Your first assignment is to certify the suppliers and schedule a visit to each. Make a checklist with scoring criteria for your visit.
  10. Efficiency has been defined as “doing things better” and effectiveness as “doing better things.” Describe how benchmarking can be used to improve both efficiency and effectiveness.
  11. Explain five benefits that could be realized by implementing an ISO 9000 quality system.
  12. Briefly describe the difference between sequential engineering and quality by design (or concurrent) engineering.
  13. Do those who smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol assume the risk of getting lung or liver disease? Do those who jump on a trampoline assume the risk of falling off? Explain your answer.
  14. The bearing department is planning their schedule for the following week. They need an understanding of last week’s performance. The schedule called for two 8-hour shifts per day for five days. Downtime charged to production averaged 76 minutes per day. Downtime charged to maintenance averaged 135 minutes per day. Calculate the actual running time and the percentage of available time.
  15. What are the advantages and disadvantages of document management on the Internet?

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