Finance Management

 Distinguish between a ‘Merger’ and a ‘Takeover’. Explain the various steps involved in the process of a merger deal.

Each Question carry 10 marks
  1. Why do you think financial markets are required? What are your views on proper regulation of these markets?
  2. Discuss the evolution of financial services in India. What are the problems faced by financial services industry in India?
    a)’Stock exchanges in India have not served their purpose.’ Do you agree? Validate your arguments.
    b) Explain briefly the process of portfolio management of a mutual fund.
  3. Who is a “merchant banker”? Enumerate the services provided by a merchant banker. Critically analyze the regulatory framework for merchant bankers in India.
  4. Why do companies go for leasing of assets? Explain the financial considerations affecting the buy or lease decision of a company.
  5. Describe the structure of housing finance industry in India. Critically examine the role played by national housing bank in promoting the housing finance in India.
    (a) What do you mean by “Factoring”? Describe its mechanism.
              ( b) Explain and comment on the salient features of Bills Rediscounting Schemes of the Reserve Bank of India.

Distinguish between a ‘Merger’ and a ‘Takeover’

  1. a) Compare and contrast ‘Leasing’ and ‘Hire Purchasing’. Why do companies go for leasing of assets? Briefly explain.
    b) Explain the different stages in which a venture capital firm finances the requirements of the companies which approach it for financing.
  2.  a) Differentiate ‘Financial restructuring’ and ‘Organizational restructuring’ What factors in your view affect the decision of merger or takeover of a firm?
    b) Distinguish between a ‘Merger’ and a ‘Takeover’. Explain the various steps involved in the process of a merger deal.
  3. Write short notes on any four: a) Settlement Guarantee b) Debt instruments c) Book building d) Leasing vs. Hire purchase e) Ecommerce

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