Fashion Retailing

Discuss the Fashion Retailing Organization Chart on the basis of Off-site and On-site Classifications.

Multiple Choices:
Q1. Which of the following is NOT an example of On – Site Classifications?
  1. Small Multiunit Specialty Stores
  2. Departmental Store Groups
  3. Single – Unit Specialty Stores
  4. Home – Shopping Organizations
Q2. Price, care, serviceability and safety are categorized under:
  1. Rational Motives
  2. Patronage Motives
  3. Emotional Motives
  4. Safety Motives
Q3. A research which is the quickest method and also requires an immediate response_______
  1. Intercept Surveys
  2. Telephone Questionnaires
  3. Mail Questionnaires
  4. On – Line Questionnaires
Q4. The center that utilizes high – volume, high – profile outlets to draw customers:
  1. Power Center
  2. Off – Price Center
  3. Outlet center
  4. Mixed – Use Center
Q5. Stores with little frontage but prefer window space to feature their merchandise build______
  1. Windowless Store Fronts
  2. Parallel – to – Sidewalk Windows
  3. Arcade fronts
  4. Open Windows
Q6. Which of the following is NOT included in the trends of Retail Environment Design and Fixturing?
  1. Split Departments
  2. Minimalist Interior Design
  3. In – Store Designer Salons
  4. Transformation of Historical Building
Q7. The training in which the trainer can provide the necessary information and allow the trainee as much time as necessary to comprehend the machine is_______
  1. Vestibule Training
  2. On – the – job Training
  1. Online Training
  2. Role Plays
Q8. _____________ is the most effective anti shoplifting tools
  1. Video Surveillance System
  2. Electromagnetic System
  3. Tag – and – alarm System
  4. Magnifying Mirrors
Q9. Improper Billing while usually on an occasional occurrence is a__________
  1. Vendor Theft
  2. Internet Theft
  3. In – Transit theft
  4. Internal theft
Q10. Which of the following is NOT the characteristic of the successful salesperson?
  1. Appropriate Appearance
  2. Complete Knowledge
  3. Company Loyalty
  4. Objectives Achievement
Discuss the Fashion Retailing Organization
Part Two:
Q1. Write a short note on ‘Spin – Off’ stores?
Q2. What are the benefits of a Catalogue Shopping?
Q3. What are ‘Strip Centers’?
Q4. Explain the Trends in Retail Research.
Q5. What are the Fashion Department Classifications?
Q6. How might Amada quickly assess the market and satisfy her needs?
Q7. If the freelancer cannot accommodate her, should\ she persue the effort alone?
Q8. What would you suggest that the company do before hiring another buyer and at the same time be able to cover the other domestic wholesale markets?
Q9. What is a Planning Strategy to get a Successful Career?
Q10. How would you explain the Consumer Assessment Theories.
Q11. Discuss the Fashion Retailing Organization Chart on the basis of Off-site and On-site Classifications.

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