Discuss how supply chain management can contribute to the marketing success of these retailers

  1. From a marketing perspective, what has Guinness done to ensure its longevity?
  2. How would you characterize the Guinness brand?
  3. What could Guinness do to attract younger drinkers? And to retain its older loyal customer base? Can both be done at the same time?
  4. Why is the grey market so attractive to business?
  5. Identify the influences on the purchasing behavior of the over-50s consumer.
  6. Discuss the challenges involved in targeting the grey market.
  7. Discuss the reasons for the success of the Nivea range of products across the world. Why did Beiersdoft decide to extend the brand to different product categories? In the light of Beiersdoft’s brand extension of Nivea, critically comment on the pros and cons of adopting an umbrella branding strategy. Compare the use of such a strategy with the use of an independent branding strategy.
  8. According to you, what are the core values of the Nivea brand? What type of brand extension framework did Beiersdoft develop to ensure that these core values id not get diluted? Do you think the company was able to protect these core values? Why/why not?
  9. What were the essential components of Beiersdoft’s global expansion strategy for Nivea? Under what circumstances would a ‘global-strategy-local execution’ approach be beneficial for a company? When and why should this approach be avoided?
  10. How has Pret a Manger positioned its brand?
  11. Explain how the different elements of the services marketing mix support and contribute to the positioning of Pret a Manger.
  12. Discuss how supply chain management can contribute to the marketing success of these retailers.
  13. Discuss the central components necessary for the fast fashion concept to work effectively.
  14. Critically evaluate the concept of ‘market-driven supply’, discussing the merits and pitfalls of its implementation in fashion retailing.
1)         Why did Richard not able to jell with local conditions?
2)        If you were Richard ,What would you do
  1. Explain how you will methodically go about compiling the requested information covered in the seven questions for management. Include in your explanation an estimate of the expense involved in obtaining the information.
  2. Develop a 10-question questionnaire for the purpose of making a survey.
  3. Describe the consumer behavior differences among laundry products’ customers in Brazil. What market segments exists?
  1. Should Unilever bring out a new brand or use one of its existing brands to target the north-eastern Brazilian market?
  2. How should the brand be positioned in the marketplace and within the Unilever family of brands?
  3. How does Ryanair’s pricing strategy account for its successful performance to date? Would you suggest any changes to Ryanair’ pricing approach? Why/why not?
  4. Is the ‘no-fares’ strategy a useful approach for Ryanair in the short term? In the long term?
  5. Do the issues facing Ryanair threaten its low-fares model?
  6. Why did LEGO encounter serious economic difficulties in the late 1990s?
  7. Conduct a SWOT analysis of LEGO and identify the company’s main sources of advantage.
  8. Critically evaluate the LEGO turnaround strategy.


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