Pharmaceuticals Industrial Management

Define „Advertising‟? What are the advantages and disadvantages of advertising in pharmaceutical marketing?

 Multiple Choices:
  1. Which of the following not the principle of co-„ordination?
  2. Principle of early beginning
  3. Principle of continuity
  4. Principle of time
  5. Principle of reciprocity
  1. Oral communication includes__________
  1. Enthusiasm, co-operation, tact and skillful handling come under:
  1. Which of the following is the demerit of formal communication?
  1. Arrange the following into decision making process__________
  2. Lecture
  3. Poster
  4. Union publication
  5. Complaint procedure
  6. Intellectual quality
  7. Character quality
  8. Psychological quality
  9. Physical quality
  10. a) Decay in accuracy
  11. b) Time consuming
  12. c) It is temporary
  13. d) Fairly unsuitable
  1. Conception
  2. Investigation
iii. Perception
  1. Selection
  2. a) iv,i,iii, ii
  3. b) ii,iv iii,i
  4. c) iv,i,iii,ii
  5. d) iii,i,ii, iv
  1. FIFO stands for _______________.
  1. Record of all item of material and good in the store is recorded in which document?
  2. a) Store ledger
  3. b) Bin card
  4. c) Both a & b
  5. d) None of these
  1. VED stands for ______________.
  1. In the EOQ formula „C‟ is stand for-
  2. a) Annual consumption
  3. b) Cost of per unit of material
  4. c) Cost per order
  5. d) Storage
  6. WTO stands for ________________.
 Part Two:
  1. What is questionnaire? Explain rules or guidelines for designing a good questionnaire?
  2. Define drug store management? „Discuss the arrangements of drugs in drug store?
  3. Name the various steps in the selection of a pharmacist?
  4. What are the purposes of training given to a pharmacist?
Case let 1
  1. Briefly explain the concept of CRM & SFA systems.
  2. State the features of a Good SFA system.
  3. Write down some CRM/SFA systems which are available in the market for Pharmaceutical Industry.
  4. What are the benefits of CRM system?
Case let 2
  1. Define „Pharmaceutical marketing? Explain objectives and importance of pharmaceutical marketing.
  2. Define „Advertising‟? What are the advantages and disadvantages of advertising in pharmaceutical marketing?

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