A company has launched a new cola drink “Fresh Cola” in the Indian Market

Case Study:    
  1. A company has launched a new cola drink “Fresh Cola” in the Indian Market. The main feature of Fresh cola is that it has the least amount of calories in it. The company is facing a tough competition from Pepsi and Coke. The company hires you as a brand strategist and ask you to find out various positioning strategies and recommend the best positioning for the Brand “Fresh Cola”.
  1. Brand Ambassador plays an important role in creation of a Brand. Company has asked you to suggest five brand ambassadors for “Fresh Cola”. Introduce the importance of Brand Ambassador and your selection of five Brand ambassador for “Fresh Cola” with reason.

A company has launched

  1. A) Every company tries to take advantage of Brand Extension. Assume “Fresh cola” becomes a top brand in the Indian Market. You have been asked to identify and explain various types of extension and suggest one extension that would go well with the Brand “Fresh Cola”.
  1. B) Assume you are planning to buy a new mobile for yourself. You are now confused with the problem of plenty of choices. Explain the various stages of Consumer decision making process that you will undergo to purchase the mobile of your choice.

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