How would you describe the buying behavior of consumers with respect to athletic footwear

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How would you describe the buying behavior of consumers with respect to athletic footwear

Q1. Visit the Web site of The Weather Channel ( Write a report about the type of information available at this site.
Q2. Identify other potential sources of information about the weather.
Q3. Discuss the role of qualitative research in identifying consumer’s needs for weather-related information. Which qualitative research techniques should be used?
Q4. If a survey were to be conducted to determine consumer preferences for weather-related information, which interviewing method would you recommend? Why?
Q5. Can observation methods be used to determine consumer preferences for weather- related information? If so, which observational methods would you use? Why?
Q6. What kind of research design would you recommend for determining the effectiveness of M & M/Mars advertising during the Super Bowl?
Q7. If the research design involves a survey of households, which survey method would you recommend and why?
Q8. What kind of measures and scales will you employ in your survey?
Q9. Can the observation method be used to determine the effectiveness of M & M/Mars advertising during the Super Bowl? If so, which observation method would you recommend and why?
Q10. Which syndicated services discussed in the book can provide useful information?
The director of marketing for Chrysler is interested in knowing the psychological characteristics of the yuppies to configure the Dodge Viper program. You have been presented with the responses from the survey outlined above. Analyze the data according to the following guidelines:
  1. Frequency distribution: Ensure that each variable is appropriate for analysis by running a frequency distribution for each variable.
  2. Regression: Using a stepwise regression analysis, locate those variables that best explain the criterion variable. Evaluate the strength of the model and assess the impact of each variable included on the criterion variable.
  1. Factor analysis: Determine the underlying psychological factors that characterize the respondents by means of factor analysis of all 30 independent variables.Use principle component extraction with varimax rotation for ease of interpretation. Save the factor scores and then regress them on the criterion variable, forcing all predictor variables to be included in the analysis. Evaluate the strength of this model and compare it with the initial regression. Use the factor scores to cluster the respondents into three groups. Discuss the significance of the groups based on the underlying factors. Repeat this cluster analysis for four groups.

How would you describe the buying behavior

  1. Cluster analysis: Cluster the respondents on the original variables into three and four clusters. Which is a better model? Compare these cluster results with the cluster results on the factor scores? Which is easier to interpret, and which explain the data better. Based on the analysis, prepare a report to management explaining the yuppie Consumer and offering recommendation on the design of the Dodge Viper. Your recommendations should aid Daimler Chrysler in achieving what they seek a new image for the Viper that is attractive to the yuppie market and that helps them outperform the competition in the performance car market.
  1. Frequency distribution: Run a frequency distribution for each variable and show bar graphs of the first three variables.
  1. Cross – tabulations : Group brand preference as low, medium, and high under the formula low = 1 or 2, medium = 3 to 5, and high = 6 or 7, Group all independent variables as either, low = 1 to 3, medium = 4, and high = 5 to 7. Run two variables cross tabulations of preference with each independent variable. Run the following three-variable cross-tabulations: preference with count per box, controlling for price, preference with unisex, controlling for style, and preference with comfort, controlling for taping. Interpret these results for management.
  1. Regression: Run a regression equation for brand preference that includes all independent variables in the model, and describe how meaningful the model is. Interpret the results for management.
  1. One-way analysis of variance: Group all independent variables into low, medium and high groups as you did for cross-tabulations. Run a one-way analysis of variance on each independent variable with brand preference. Explain the results to management.
  2. Discriminate analysis: Group brand preference into two relatively equal groups based on its distribution. Run discriminate analysis on the grouped data and interpret the results for management. Repeat this analysis by grouping brand preference into three relatively equal groups.
  1. Factor analysis: Determine any underlying factors inherent in the data by running a factor analysis using principle components extraction with varimax rotation. Print all available statistics. Save the factor scores and regress these on brand preference. Interpret these results for management.
  1. Cluster analysis: Use a nonhierarchical procedure to cluster the respondents, based on the independent variables, into two, three, four, and five clusters. Also run a hierarchical procedure to obtain five clusters using Ward’s method and creating a dendrogram. Interpret all these results for management.
Q1. Should Nike switch from a focus on celebrities to a focus on its products in its advertising? Discuss the role of marketing research in helping Nike management make this decision. What kind of research should be undertaken
Q2. How would you describe the buying behavior of consumers with respect to athletic footwear?
Q3. What is the management decision problem facing Nike as it attempts to retain its leadership position?
Q4. Define the marketing research problem facing Nike, given the management decision problem you have identified.
Q6. Develop two suitable research questions and formulate two hypotheses for each.
Q7. How can the Internet be used to help Nike in conducting marketing research, and in marketing its products?
Q8. Describe the management decision problem facing Lexus as it seeks to fight competition from other luxury car manufactures such as Mercedes, BMW, and Jagur, as well as competition from the “near luxury” autos like the Nissan Maxima and the Mazda Millennia.
Q9. Formulate the marketing research problem corresponding to the management decision problem you have identified in (8)
Q10. Develop a graphical model explaining the consumer choice process for luxury cars.
Q11. Identify two research questions based on the definition of the marketing research problem and the graphical model.
Q12. Develop at least one hypothesis for each research question you have identified in (1
Q13. How would you conduct an Internet search for information on the luxury car market? Summarize the results of your search in a report.

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