How can Gaurav bring such kind of change in the organization

Question 1: Princess Apparels is an organization where ethics represents the honest and developmental codes of conduct that every employee associated with them must oblige. Here the ethical culture aids to deter negligence, dishonesty and deception. Ethical culture has helped Princess Apparels to grow in a very organic and holistic way. The organization puts emphasis on the employees to abide by the norms of conduct and even reward them. Discuss the practices which Princess apparels must be following to create ethical organization culture?
Question 2: Developing an innovative culture has become a necessary element for the survival of any organization, in order to have a competitive advantage one must nurture innovativeness. Consider any organization of your choice which you think has a very innovative culture. Discuss the characteristics of an organization with innovative culture specially focusing on the organization which you have taken into consideration.
Question 3: Gaurav has recently joined a Multi-National Organization as the Chief Human Resource Officer. It is observed by Gaurav that all the department in the organization operate in silos. He also noticed that the culture of the organization is such that interdepartmental communication is very less and only need based. He wants to bring some change in the prevailing culture which will help the departments to become close knitted.
A). How can Gaurav bring such kind of change in the organization?
B). As we all know that communication is a key to success in personal and professional life, in the above case what role can it (communication) play to bring a change in the organization?
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