While were the leader is dying what could be the possible criteria for selection of a new leader in the algorithm?

Part One:
True and False:
  1. The term WWW stands for world wild web.
  2. Number of levels in OSI model are 4.
  3. PEP is a protocol for extending HTTP.
  4. COBRA is an implementation independent language.
  5. HTML stands for hyper text make up language.
  6. ‘Action Time’ is the actual processing time for the service provided.
  7. IPR stands for Important Property Rights.
  8. Electronic Commerce intersects the domains of telecommunication, broadcasting and computing.
  9. A TCP/ IP Network protocol is developed by Sun micro System.
  10. NOC stands for Network Operation Center.
Part Two:
  1. Write a short note on ‘WWW’.
    2. What is ATM technology?
    3. What do understand by ‘V market services’?
    4. Explain the ‘Application Layer’ of OSI model.
  1. Critically evaluate the Human Resources Policies of “Titus InfoTech”.
  2. What other strategies would you suggest to reduce the attrition rate at the lower and middle levels?
  3. What were the factors of KIT philosophy that helped the company in being successful?
  4. While were the leader is dying what could be the possible criteria for selection of a new leader in the algorithm?
  5. ‘Liability of Third-party network vendor s is must’ Justify.
  6. ‘VAN agreements are executed between a value added data communications service provider or VAN and a party desiring data communications services, typically for EDI.’ What are the necessary agreements? Elaborate.

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