International Trade

What are the social costs of benefits to Martin’s Textiles of shifting production to Mexica?

Multiple Choices:
Q1. _________is beneficial between two nations that have strong markets in two different sectors.
  1. Economic Growth
  2. International Trade
  3. Trade Integration
  4. Trade Diversion
Q2. What is the full form of UNCTAD?
  1. United Nation Conference on Trade and Development
  2. Union Nations Committee of Trade and Development
  3. Union Nations Conference on Trade and Development
  4. None of the above
Q3. ______is fixed through negotiation between the importing country and the exporting country.
  1. Tariff Quota
  2. Bilateral Quota
  3. Mixing Quota
  1. Unilateral Quota
Q4. Under which Act Reserve Code Number is required?
  1. Foreign Exchange Regulation Act
  2. Custom Act
  3. Export Import Control Act
  4. Foreign Trade Act
Q5. Which policy of the government will have a direct bearing on the exchange rate of the country?
  1. Fiscal Policy
  2. Instrument of Trade Policy
  3. Monetary Policy
  4. Both ‘a’ & ‘c’
Q6. Which scheme helps the exporters in procuring imported raw materials?
  1. IES
  2. C.C.S.
  3. IRS
  4. None of the above
Q7. Which of the following factor affecting the Exchange rate?
  1. Purchasing power Parity
  2. Exchange Control
  3. Balance of Payments
  4. All of the above
Q8. The system of permitting the currencies to move within a band is called_________
  1. Snake in the tunnel
  2. Turtle Device
  4. None of the above
Q9. Periodic, as often as daily devaluations of pre-announced magnitude means______
  1. Managed Float Regime
  2. The crawling Peg Regime
  3. Single currency Peg
  4. Composite currency Peg
Q10. The Export Policy of Government of India can be divided into_______ distinct phases.
  1. 2
  2. 3
  3. 4
  4. 5
Part Two:
Q1. Write a brief note on “INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND”.
Q2. Write the components of the Uruguay Round Agreement.
Q3. Differentiate between Export Expansion and Import Substitution.
Q4. Explain the Term:-
  1. Bill of Landing
  2. Marine Insurance Policy

What are the social costs of benefits

Q5. Discuss the problem that comforts the Tea Industry in the International sphere.
Q6. How you asses would the Tea producing states has recommended a package of fiscal reliefs?
Q7. What are the social costs of benefits to Martin’s Textiles of shifting production to Mexica?
Q8. What seems to be the most ethical action?
Q9. Describe the current issues affecting the Exchange Rate of India.
Q10. Explain briefly “New Trade Theory”.

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