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 What is Wagering Agreement Explain the essentials of a Wagering Agreement with examples

  1. What is Law? Why should one know Law? What is Mercantile Law(or Commercial Law)?
  2. What is the Position of Agreement with a Minor?
  3. Explain to Void Agreement if consideration or objects unlawful in part?
  4. What is Wagering Agreement? Explain the essentials of a Wagering Agreement with examples?
  5. Explain the various rules of Time and Place of performance?
  6. Explain the Compensation for Loss or Damage Caused by Breach of Contract ?
  7. Explain Contracts of Guarantee? Explain the Essential Features of a Contract of Guarantee?
  8. What is the Meaning and Essential Elements of Contract of Sale?
  9. Explain Implied Conditions?
  10. What are the rules relating to passing of property (or Transfer of Ownership) from Seller to Buyer?
  11. What are the Rights of Unpaid Seller in case of Transfer of Documents by way of pledge ?
  12. Explain Implied Authority and Third Parties?
  13. What is the Meaning and Characteristics of Negotiable instrument?
  14. State the Liabilities of Various Parties?
  15. Explain the meaning of Discharge of an Instrument and a pary?

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