Logistics Engineering and Management

Towards managing the physical flow of material & product among organization

Multiple Choices:
  1. Analysis method in which evaluation of alternative design configuration using multiple criteria is:
  2. Level of repair analysis
  3. Maintenance task analysis
  4. Evaluation of design alternatives
  5. None of the above
  1. Orientation of Logistic are:
  2. Product among organization
  3. Total benefits among organization
  4. Towards managing of labour
  5. Towards managing the physical flow of material & product among organization
  1. LMI stands for:
  2. Logistics Management Information
  3. Legal Management Information
  4. Logistics Managerial Information
  5. None of the above
  1. Technical performance measures (TPMs) is applied for:
  2. Evaluation of prime mission related system & elements for expenses
  3. Evaluation of prime mission related system & elements for labour
  4. Evaluation of prime mission related system & elements for support
  5. None of the above
  1. System structure should facilitate:
  2. Design on an evolutionary basis
  3. Design a system within a minimum cost
  4. Design on an evolutionary basis & with minimum cost
  5. Both (a) & (b)
  1. Conceptual design is initiated in response of:
  2. Identification of customer need
  3. Identification of consumer demand
  4. Identification of Industry demand
  5. None of the above
  1. Industrial engineering refers to:
  2. Design & development of a product
  3. Design & development of industrial tools
  4. Design & development of expenses
  5. Design & development of production capability
  1. Contractor logistic support (CLS) refers to:
  2. System maintenance activities
  3. System evaluation activities
  4. Both (a) & (b)
  5. None of the above
  1. Discounting refers to:
  2. Application of selected rate of interest
  3. Application of selected difference measure
  4. Application of selected of interest & measure differences
  5. None of the above
  1. A plan which is directed towards covering of logistic support for a system is:
  2. System Retirement Plan
  3. Post production Support plan
  4. Facilities plan
  5. Computer Resource plan
Part Two:
  1. Personal training requirement are based on what factors?
  2. What is meant by Design criteria? Provide some examples.
  3. Briefly describe evaluation of logistic’s elements.
  4. What are the advantages & disadvantages of functional organization?

Towards managing the physical

  1. Analyze the case in view of the logistics outsourcing practices of the ISL.
  2. Discuss the importance of logistics outsourcing with reference to Supply Chain Management.

Towards managing the physical

  1. What modification would you suggest in enhancing the existing logistics system?
  2. Critically analyze the efforts of ABC in launching generic versions of products going off patents.
  1. Define Logistic support in the context of the production /construction phase. What are the elements of Logistic support?
  2. Define reliability & maintainability. What are their major characteristics?

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