International Marketing Management

To what extent direct control and ownership are critical for Smart kids export distribution strategy?

Multiple choices:
Q1. International marketing includes activities that direct the flow of goods from
  1. One country to one country
  2. One country to another country
  3. One country to multiple country
  4. All of the above
Q2. ETC stands for
  1. Expert trading companies
  2. Essential trading companies
  3. Export trading companies
  4. None of the above
Q3. Till 1950-56 there was no clear exim policy and no _________ restrictions of any kind
  1. Import
  2. Export
  3. Both a) & b)
  4. None of the above
Q4. Tariffs have been one of the classical methods of regulating ________ trade
  1. International
  2. National
  3. Domestic
  4. None of the above
Q5. The world trade organization (WTO) was established on 1st January
  1. 1996
  2. 1995
  3. 1997
  4. None of the above.
Q6. Export documentation is a very important area in _______ management
  1. International
  2. Import
  3. Export
  4. None of the above
Q7. Methods of export pricing are
  1. Cost plus pricing
  2. Competitive pricing
  3. Marginal pricing
  4. All of the above
Q8. OCED has been a destination of a major portion of _______ exports
  1. Japan
  2. USA
  3. India
  4. UK
Q9. Psychographic segmentation involves grouping people in terms of
  1. Attitudes
  2. Life styles
  3. Values
  4. All of the above
Q10. Foreign direct investment would be permitted up to ________ in the development of the zones
  1. 100%
  2. 90%
  3. 38%
  4. 48%
Part Two:

To what extent direct control and ownership

Q1. Differentiate between domestic & international marketing.
Q2. Write a short note on World trade organization (WTO).
Q3. Briefly describe the exim policy of India (one part of India’s export import policy).
Q4. Write a short note on tariff and non tariff barriers of international trade.
Q5. Had you been the pepper exporter, what would be your short term and medium-term export marketing strategy in the above environment?
Q6. Could you examine the weak points in this case study?
Q7. What are the major considerations for a firm in order to while deciding its markets entry strategy?
Q8. To what extent direct control and ownership are critical for Smart kids export distribution strategy?
Q9. What do mean by International marketing? Discuss the scope of International marketing.
Q10. Describe the export documentation framework in India in detail.

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