Power Sector Reforms

Several issues would be sorted out in creating a separate organization for supplying power to agriculture. What are those issues? Explain

Q1. It is the largest electricity company and operate in 13 Countries in total
  1. The Spanish Multinationals
  2. Endesa
  3. Iberdrola
  4. Union Fenosa
Q2. This indicates to what extent a particular reforms is accelerating (or possibility retarding) access to electricity
  1. Electrification levels
  2. Electrification rate
  3. Electricity consumption
  4. None
Q3. The ___________ tariff order has fixed charges for wheeling power from a 220 KV feeder of a substation to say 132 KV or 33 KV destination
  1. Agriculture tariff
  2. ERR
  3. APERC
  4. OECD
Q4. This represents the contribution of a consumer category towards the peak demand on the system
  1. Demand
  2. Energy consumption
  3. Consumer
  4. None
Q5. In Argentina, ___________ agreements covering the whole of the electricity sector were ended & replaced by separate negotiations with each company
  1. Outsourcing
  2. Privatization
  3. Liberalization
  4. Collective Bargaining
Q6. The per capita consumption of electricity increasing at a compounded Annual Growth Rate is ________
a.04 percent
b.04 percent
c.04 percent
d.04 percent
Q7. VVNL stands for _____________________.
Q8. CAGR stands for _____________________.
Q9. CMNAP stands for ___________________.
Q10. ERC stands for ______________________.
Part Two:
Q1. What is the impact of Power Sector Reforms on the poor in Orissa?
Q2. State the objectives of the National Electricity Policy?
Q3. What are the objectives of the Phase III of Reform?
Q4. What is Rural Electrification?

Several issues would be sorted

Q5. On the basis of the above case comment on the Recent Scenario of Power Sector Reform.
Q6. Give the highlights of the concerned report.
Q7. What organizational structure would you recommend for the marketing and sales operations of M/s. Watts and Volts Ltd?
Q8. Who in your opinion is responsible for sales? Justify your opinion, in the light of this case.
Q9. Several issues would be sorted out in creating a separate organization for supplying power to agriculture. What are those issues? Explain
Q10. Describe the process of IRP and give the schematic representation of IRP process.

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