Manpower Planning, Recruitment and Selection

What do you this is the real reason for such a misunderstanding

 Q.1. Mr. Shreejeet Pradhan, the HR of Jumbo Times, recently attended a conference on “Crucial quantifiable methods of supply forecasting in Manpower Planning”. You as an intern working with Shreejeet, has been delegated a project to research on, “The various quantifiable methods of supply forecasting” to help Shreejeet gather more information and take an informed decision. (10 Marks)
Q.2. ABC Manpower a reputed Multinational Company adopts “Geocentric approach”. However, the organization is not satisfied with this approach. As an External Management Consultant for ABC Manpower suggest the various approaches to staffing with its merits and demerits. (10 Marks)
Q.3 Answer the following questions based on the Case study mentioned below: Case study: Sarika and Sheetal were MBA’s from the prestigious NMIMS .They both joined ABC Pvt. Ltd in the same year. Sarika being MBA in HR joined the HR department while Sheetal joined the Finance department. Over the years both Sheetal and Sarika remained friends and worked well as colleagues. Sarika was well known employee among the staff. While Sheetal remained to be a reserved employee but took up key positions in Finance department. Sarika was friendly to help employees while Sarika was outgoing. Sheetal would also wonder how Sarika can be so famous and well known and loved by all whereas not many knew Sheetal apart from the people from her own department. Sheetal now took an extreme step of putting down her papers. Their manager Mr. Shah was worried when he heard the news. He first contacted Sarika as they were best friends and batchmates. Sarika didn’t even know what drove Sheetal to such harsh steps. Mr. Shah took the matter in his hands and confronted Sheetal in an informal talk in the canteen. Sheetal opened up and discussed how she felt left out and humiliated as Sarika was the popular one even though they both had equal qualification, experience and also had pursued course from the same institute. Even the canteen waiters acknowledged Sarika’s presence offering a quick service when she was with Sheetal. But when Sheetal came alone to canteen no one paid attention to her nor was she given any respect or importance. This hurt Sheetal and led her to resign.
a)What do you this is the real reason for such a misunderstanding. (5 Marks)
  1. b) What steps can you as an HR to convince Sheetal to stay? (5 Marks)

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What do you this is the

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