Marketing Research 

What are the primary scales of attitude measurement Illustrate. Distinguish between Semantic differential scale and liked scale with examples

Part – A (45 Marks)
Attempt any Three Question
1- Define Marketing Research and its scope. Explain the factors which limit the  acceptance of marketing research.
2- What are the primary scales of attitude measurement? Illustrate. Distinguish  between Semantic differential scale and liked scale with examples.
3- Explain the concept of Focus Groups. What are its major applications in Marketing  Research?
4- Outline a report format to present the findings of a market research project clearly  indicating the various steps in the report writing process.
5- Define Likert scale. Outline a suitable Likert scale to examine the corporate image  of foreign bank in terms of attributes such as location, number of branches, ATMs,  timings, service quality, behavior of staff etc.
Part – B (35 Marks)
Attempt any five Question
1-What are the scales of measurement? Bring out clearly the differences in the  scales of measurement.
2-What are the different types of research designs? Give on example of each  research design.
3-What are the important guidelines to present the findings of a research  Effectively?
4-What is sampling and explain the following with examples:
(a)Systematic sampling – advantages and disadvantages.
(b)Convenience sampling — advantages and disadvantages.
5– What could be the secondary source of information for the research study?
6-Draw a sequence of questions you would use in getting the information relevant  to the problem.

What are the primary scales

Part – C (20 Marks)
Attempt any two Question
1- What is marketing research? Explain in silent features.
2- What is marketing audit? Explain methods of conducting marketing audit.
3- What is product research? Explain its scope.

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