M or s Divine Soul is into traditional Indian wear which sells multiple brands

Q1. M/s Divine Soul is into traditional Indian wear which sells multiple brands. The popular brand for male is “Raja” and for the females is “Rani”. The company sells traditional wear for children popularly known as “Shaayad”. The company has 120 outlets in India. The competition in this industry has been constantly growing. The profit margins are going down. The company has been profitable since the day of inception but there has been no growth. The company has remain stable from many years as the directors believe that the stability is the best strategy. The company adds you into the board as a strategy director and asks your view on Stability Strategy. You have been asked to prepare the pros and cons of Stability strategy for M/s Divine Soul.

M or s Divine

Q2. Assume that the directors of M/s Divine Soul agree with your view on the challenges of Stability Strategy. The director asks you to suggest one corporate level strategy for the organization that will help them achieve growth for the organization.
Q3. From the case above answer the following question:
  1. Explain the strategic Management process that needs to be followed for M/s Divine Soul.
  1. Prepare a Porters Five competitive forces for M/s Divine Soul.
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