E Commerce

While were the leader is dying what could be the possible criteria for selection of a new leader in the algorithm?

Multiple Choices:
Q1. Which of the following comes under Global Information Distribution Networks?
  1. Fibre optic long distance networks
  2. Satellites
  3. Both (a) & (b)
  4. None
Q2. ___________is a software program loaded on a PC which allows to access or read information stored on the internet.
  1. Server
  2. Browser
  3. URL
  4. None
Q3. URL stands for____________
Q4. HTTP stands for____________
Q5. HTML stands for ____________
Q6. It can be defined as convergence of branding information dissemination and sales transaction all in one place.
  1. Internet advertising
  2. Internet marketing
  3. None
  4. All of the above
Q7. It is an enterprise to provide an interface ramp to the internet.
  1. Internet protocol
  2. Internet service provider
  3. Internet
  4. None
Q8. ___________is an electronic payment system, which can transfer money between its accounts.
  1. Paypal
  2. Cybercash
  3. Digicash
  4. None
Q9. It is defined as a communication protocol as well as packet data service.
  1. Cell relay
  2. Frame relay
  3. Asynchronous Transfer Mode
  4. None
Q10. „WWW‟ stands for_____________
Part Two:
Q1. Define „Mobile Computing‟.
Q2. Distinguish between HTTP & URL.
Q3. Describe the role of consumer in e-commerce.
Q4. Explain the „Application Layer‟ of OSI model.
Q5. Critically evaluate the Human Resources Policies of “Titus Infotech”.
Q6. What other strategies would you suggest to reduce the attrition rate at the lower and middle levels?
Q7. What were the factors of KIT philosophy that helped the company in being successful?
Q8. While were the leader is dying what could be the possible criteria for selection of a new leader in the algorithm?
Q9. What is computer based technology? What are different types of networks for global distribution networks?
Q10. What do you mean by internet protocol? Differentiate between search engine and internet service provider.

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