Imagine that you are a management consultant hired by Salernos to help them navigate the choppy waters ahead

  1. Marsha feels that there must be a better way to conduct market research, particularly given the fact that the department has a LAN with a lot of capacity. What solutions to this problem can you recommend?
  2. How will you approach this task? What sources of information will you seek to help understand and solve problems in the company?
  3. Who is right? What is responsible for so many different positions? How can the governor reconcile these conflicting viewpoints and arrive at the true cause of the problem?
  4. What do you recommend? How should Masters go about making his decision?
  5. What events do you think are responsible for the new attitudes on the part of users? How can the CIO take advantage of them?
  6. In some of the organizations described in this chapter, managers form alliances with various partners. These alliance firms may provide a virtual component for your organization. However, the employees involved in this alliance do work for two different firms. How does a manager manage under these conditions? Suppose that your firm enters into a relationship with another firm to take over its inventory of raw materials and to become a just-in-time supplier. The partner firm hires your former inventory employees so they no longer work directly for you. Describe the role of a manager in working with an alliance partner that provides you with a virtual component of your firm?
  7. The president of the company has read about new organizational forms enabled by information technology. The only technology in place now is the order entry and warehouse inventory system. The president would like to make Boats-R-Us both more efficient and more responsive to its customers. What new kinds of organization forms for Boats-R-Us might be enabled by information technology?
  8. To Rubin, these changes seem evolutionary and rather mild. He has read articles about electronic commerce and even shopped on the Web to try it out. He also sees small firms becoming global as they advertise their products on the Web. What kinds of banking services will these firms want? How will changes in commerce and life styles influence what customers, both individual and corporations, want from a bank? Will a bank become “a piece of computer software on a network,” a statement attributed to the chairman of Citibank?
  9. She asked you to consult with SI in the hope of finding a strategic application for information technology: “I want something that will give us a competitive edge,” she said. What kind of process would you follow to try to identify a strategic application? What applications areas look promising? How does a firm like SI develop a strategic system? How does it establish and maintain a competitive advantage?
  10. The president has to make a decision. First, should Autozip accept orders on the Web, and second, if so, how? Should it go to a firm that hosts Web marketplaces, buy software and set up its own site, or develop its own software?
  11. What advice would you give Hershey and Sherman? What are the pros and cons of strategic alliances in this situation?
  12. How can Bill help the company solve this problem? Do you think they need to reorganize the structure of their IT units? Does it make sense to have foreign operations reporting to Bill? If not, how can he influence what goes on in subsidiaries outside the U.S.?
  1. Imagine that you are a management consultant hired by Salernos to help them navigate the choppy waters ahead. First, describe the elements of the microenvironment and competitive environment that affect Wild Water now. Then describe elements that you anticipate will affect the water park in the next few years.
  2. Next, describe the organization’s culture. Discuss how the current culture affects the way it responds to the organization’s external environment.
  1. Now, create a plan for Wild Water. In your plan, describe what changes the organization needs to make in its culture to meet upcoming challenges in the external environment. Then describe steps that Wild Water can take to compete successfully against the new amusement park. How can the Salernos keep their loyal customer happy while attracting new ones?
  1. What do you think Custom Coffee & Chocolate’s mission is?
  1. Create a SWOT analysis for Custom Coffee & Chocolate.
  1. Using the owners’ ideas for the future of their café, as well as your own ideas, outline a tactical plan for Custom Coffee & Chocolate.
  1. Select options from the chapter text, and prepare an organizational chart for the national distribution program that this company is about to embark on. Be sure to incorporate the company’s goal into your overall structure.
  2. Given the vast geographic expanse and logistical challenges of this new program, what recommendations do you have for the company regarding HR policies and procedures?
  1. What other types of industries could use the model from this case as a means to expand sales nationally or internationally? What steps might the Randalls take to design motivating jobs for camp staff? What needs might they be able to fill for camp staff?
  1. In what ways might the empowerment of camp staff affects the success of the camp
  1. How can Herbie Shapiro and Mei Zhao use technology to achieve success in their new venture? Be sure to address each of the major categories presented—purchasing, transportation, operations, distribution, and financial management.


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