Project Management

Identify the steps the firm took in this project. How did this contribute to the success?

Q1. During _________formal tools and techniques were developed to help and manage large complex projects.
Q2. PERT stands for:
  1. Program Evaluation and Reverse Technique
  2. Progress Evaluation and Review Technique
  3. Program Evaluation and Review Technique
  4. None of the above
Q3. The most basic model of any Operating System is:
  1. Project Model
  2. Input-output model
  1. Output-input model
  2. None of the above
Q4. Overall complexity =
  1. Organizational complexity*resource complexity*technical complexity
  2. Organizational complexity+technical complexity-resource complexity
  3. Technical complexity+resource complexity/organizational complexity
  4. Organizational complexity*resource complexity/technical complexity
Q5. Relevant areas of the APM body of knowledge are:
  1. Quality Management
  2. Budgeting and cost Management
  3. Project Cost Management
  4. Both ‘a’ and ‘b
Q6. Costs associated with the planning process include:
  1. Planer’s tools
  2. Opportunity cost
  3. Planned labour and associated expenses
  4. All of the above
Q7. CPA stands for:
  1. Critical Path Analysis
  2. Common Path Analysis
  3. Critical Path Algorithm
  4. Common Problem Analysis
Q8. The project duration with the normal activity time is ____days.
Q9. The nature of the work organization is important as it:
  1. Defines responsibility and authority
  2. Outlines reporting arrangements
  3. Determines the management overhead
  4. All of the above
Q10. Matrix Management was invented by
Q11. Define ‘Cost Estimating Techniques’.
Q12. Write a note on ‘Critical Path Analysis’.
Q13. Differentiate between General Management and Project Management.
Q14. What is ‘Team Life Cycle’?
Case let 1
Q1. What further methods could have been used to generate ideas for the identification part of the risk
Q2. What should happen as the project progresses to manage risk?

Identify the steps the firm took in this project

Case let 2
Q1. Identify the steps the firm took in this project. How did this contribute to the success?
Q2. How might the main adverse effects be identified?
Q3. What is the role of strategy in Project Management?
Q4. Identify the different roles that cost, price and profit can play in determining project costs.

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